CPMC HOLDINGS LIMITED is manufacturer of packaging products for a comprehensive range of consumer goods in China. We are one of the core business divisions under COFCO Group (a Fortune 500 company and our controlling shareholder), with more than 30 subsidiaries strategically located across China.
Targeted at medium-and high-end market for consumer goods, we engage in the production of tinplate packaging (three-piece beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, metal caps, steel barrels, round & square shaped cans, printed & coated cans etc.), aluminum packaging (two-piece beverage cans, one-piece cans) and plastic packaging, mainly serving a wide range of consumer goods like canned food, beverages, household chemical products, and in particular, tea drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit & vegetable juice, beer, dairy products, etc. With leading market positions across various product sectors, we have obtained with pride high approval and trust from branded customers domestically and internationally recognized.
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